April 1, 2013


Siena: We went out, just the two of us, to our local club - I let her have coca cola

Eva: She LOVES the skateboard park.

 Lucia: Got stuck right in to the sweets on Easter Sunday

This is a seriously late entry to Jodi's 52 project!
My life has been really out of balance lately - I have wanted to blog but I am not sure what was stopping me. I feel very relieved to get this post done, even though it's late!

Also, I couldn't find the lead to attach my lovely camera to the computer so these are all photos from the old mobile phone. 

I tend to  do a lot of recording of life events on instagram these days - it's quick and easy and the community is lovely. My username is sophieccole if you're interested!

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Jennifer said...

What beautiful girls you have!