February 10, 2013


I missed a few weeks, sorry peeps. My computer was lent out and I only just got it back!

Eva: She spent a very long time in this rock pool searching for treasure. 

Siena: Unable to allow a candid shot!

Lucia: Mum, please take a picture of my tic tacs

Join in the portrait goodness at Jodi's place


Ellieboo said...

Lovely shots - my little girl just came over and asked what was she looking for in the first picture - I said "treasure in a rock pool" I said. Whats a rock pool she asked! I need to get out more!

Good luck with the candid shots - I really struggle with those too.

moose and bird said...

Beautiful. I love how exciting a packet of tic tacs is when your little. It's the small things! Thank-you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. Happy days to you. Melinda x

krysta said...

Your daughters are beautiful!

Maria Rose said...

Beautiful girls!