November 3, 2012

KCWC - the final 2 items!

These are the last two items I made for KCWC. Lucia wears her shorts for touch football, and usually for that we are rushing out the door because Eva has swimming lessons around the same time and so there is no time for a photo shoot. Last Friday however Lucia's game was a bit later so I talked her into just standing there and letting me click. She is such a good sport because she was so tired from school all day and just didn't feel like it.
They are self drafted with awesome big pockets made from a beautiful soft knit. She really likes them, being a shorts wearing kind of girl.
Eva's skirt is made from divine knit fabric from crafty mamas. The skirt is a pattern from Ottobre but I put the magazine away and can't be bothered finding it again...sorry. If you really want it then let me know and I will find it, OK? The skirt is short! I didn't realise until I assembled it on the waistband that it was not going to work without leggings. It's super cute though, and super twirly. That waistband should fold over but to keep some length I left it wide. There you go, KCWC done. Better late than never.

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