November 24, 2012

all grown up

Siena - year 10 formal night. She looked amazing, she was calm, I was too excited for her, my buzzing around made her cross. I wanted to catch every minute. My journey with Siena is diametrically different to the journey I had with my mum.
The obligatory hills hoist photo...our balcony is ugly, but ugly to the point of being a feature - like, let's take a photo on the ugly balcony to contrast with the very pretty dress - you see? It's art! We had some (read: a lot) of out takes. I am relieved that Siena does not take herself too seriously.
There were boyfriend photos:
Will was ambushed - he had no idea how many people would be in the house waiting for him. to arrive, it was funny and very sweet. And family photos, because you know, the year 10 formal is a big deal. Siena will be leaving her school to move to a senior campus next year so it was an important part of her school life to go and finish this chapter of her life.
I must not forget to mention that Siena's dress was drafted and made by my mother in law Carol Voss who does this kind of thing.


Sally said...

She looks gorgeous. What an awesome dress. You have infinite reasons to be proud.

rachelmp said...

Just so beautiful

Fran said...

Lovely. Congrats to you both, it's a milestone alright

Maria Rose said...

Gorgeous girl!

Boobiejuicemama said...

Wow. It's like seeing the future, only it's the present! I am so glad for the moments that I got to glimpse your life, you have done an amazing job raising a beautiful young woman (not done yet though hey?) <3 lots of love x

Amanda said...

Your daughter is stunning - such an attractive face, beautiful figure and gorgeous smile. Her dress is beautiful x