April 23, 2012

there was supposed to be a birthday post but things went awry!

On the 18th April my Lucia Larly turned 8! Her grandma, grandpa and uncle came for breakfast and even Andrew hung around (unheard of!) to celebrate her birth. She was born just after midnight (12:02am), weighed 3.280 Kg and left hospital bigger than what she arrived (3.300 Kg). She is a powerhouse of thoughts, emotions, queries and inquiries! She thinks she's smarter than me (I wouldn't actually want to test that), and has BIG ambitions for her life. Parenting her is a joy, a continual lesson and extremely satisfying.
Andrew left for work and then I received a message from my sister in law to say my little brother was at our local hospital suffering chest pain. They were waiting on test results to see what could be the cause. The cause was discovered hours later; a dissection of his aorta and he needed emergency open heart surgery...He was transferred to Royal North Shore hospital and underwent grafting to his aorta and he received a mechanical aortic valve. There isn't really anything that could adequately sum up the past few days. Waiting for surgery to finish took an age, seeing my big burly brother in ICU knocked me over. Playing over in my mind what could have happened if he didn't get to hospital was a horror I couldn't seem to shut out.
This is Christian day 2 post surgery. He was SO happy to finally have his breathing tube out hence the smile. He is still very sore, very tired, breathless, anemic,and mainly just completely shocked and traumatised. Things are hectic and we visit and take turns with each others kids etc. Please keep my little brother in your hearts and thoughts.


Kat said...

Oh my god what a horrible thing to happen. I will be keeping your brother and your whole family in my thoughts xo

Tania said...

And that's what a family does best. Marks the anniversaries and all that is good, then sprints to pick up the pieces when things are so very awful. Wishing ALL of you the very speediest of complete recoveries.

Karen said...

Here's hoping all is going well with Christian's recovery - what a shock for you all. I hope Lucia still had a lovely day regardless of the way it ended!
Thinking of you all xx

Steph and Carlos said...

Love and light for the entire family Hun. I love that the whole family is working in shifts together!

Happy birthday to Lucia too! 8 is kinda a big deal!! Hehe

Xo Steph

Muhammad Zahid Iqbal said...

Marks the anniversaries and all that is good, then sprints to pick up the pieces when things are so very awful.Man pills herehorrible thing to happen.