March 5, 2012

It's been a while

I am particularly fond of this little shirt I made for Lucia to wear to a 'Bop till you Drop Party" - it's not exactly 'disco' but a little more fancy than a regular T.

Lucia is so keen for the camera as you can see!

The skirt is Cotton On but I found it at the oppy for $2. The elastic had gone but the skirt was perfect so I bought it home and luckily Lucia found it to her liking.

The shirt is made from Japanese voile from Spotlight and the pattern is from Sewing Recipe for Girls - a beautiful pattern book. Not that I need ANY more pattern books, having collected Ottobre for 2 years but what the hey!

I got a lot of compliments from mums at the party - as any 'sewer for your kids' parent knows, that swell of pride from your child loving their clothes and recognition from others makes it worthwhile. (OK, so recognition is not essential to feeling good, but it does feel good when people notice, doesn't it?)

I also found this photo which I LOVE

EVA! Holy cow this kids kills me. She is equal parts naughty and nice, can you tell by that photo. This is probably "I know I shouldn't have drunk/eaten that, but gosh darn, look at my face, I'm adorable!" And yes she is, completely edible!

$350 worth of books! Impressive much?
Uni has begun. I have completed one week back part time and it feels so good to be back in the saddle so to speak. I think I will enrol for Summer school next year just to keep me going over the long uni break which is about 3.5 months.

That's all for now, but I hope to not neglect this space for such a long time in the future!


Maria Rose said...

Cute top!
One semester I had $780 worth of books! I will never forget that.

Sally said...

Oh my - text books are expensive. I'd forgotten about that.
The top looks brilliant. Loving that material.