March 20, 2012

harmony skirts

It's Harmony Day tomorrow here in Australia. The official colour is orange and so kids are allowed to wear orange to school which is such a big treat.

Lucia and Eva picked their own fabric for new Harmony skirts. I think they did really well. Lucia's fabric is an orange homespun and the stunning floral fabric is Alexander Henry and Evie chose a pretty Lisette sateen spot which looks so lovely. (I would have provided a link but blogger is being a pain).


Duyvken said...

They look great! Happy harmony day.

Fran said...

so lovely Sophie. I especially love Lucia's skirt. I only found out our school was celebrating Harmony Day this afternoon, but my kids are only allowed to wear "orange accessories" so this afternoon I knocked up a couple of felt embellished headbands. The girls are still pretty stoked!

Happy Harmony Day :)

Maria Rose said...

I don't know what Harmony Day is, but the skirts are lovely@

Carmen said...

The skirts are great!

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