February 17, 2012

little plates

I chose this one because I have a bowl in the same pattern that was my mum's (and dad's). I felt so lucky to see it on the oppy shelf, waiting to be bought. I think it was $2. I love it.

This little plate is tiny. The size suckered me in right away. I love tiny, even if it is almost useless. Evie will eat the amount of apple that can fit on this plate. That's her quota, that's Evie's apple plate (and yes you're right, the kid barely eats anything).

I bought this today. It's a bowl not a plate but it's small and I was drawn to it. I have no idea what makes me buy one over the other but I realise that I am fussy, I can't even tell you what the requirements are, just that I know when I like something!

I rarely go to the oppy. I get claustrophobic. Today I was standing in the middle of a narrow aisle, looking at vintage haberdashery when an old lady approached from one end and another from the other end - I felt a bit nervous, like they were honing in on me so I skidaddled...give me open space please!


Maria Rose said...

You're right to feel a little claustrophobic. Those bargain hunters can be a scary bunch.

Duyvken said...

Very claustro in there, for sure! And those little plates are lovely.

victoria said...

Awww the last plate is so cute. I think I am attracted to plates from my childhood so I understand the excitement of finding one like your mum's. I usually like plates with brown on them too.