February 14, 2012


I usually find little nurseries all over the house. Mostly they are in the lounge room, but sometimes a bunny or a monkey is sleeping in my bed, or in the hallway, wherever there is space.

I usually scoop them up during my quick morning tidy, but this morning that little monkey face (named muggle wump-or muggie for short) looked so serene that I decided t0 leave them there for a bit longer. It's a bit of Evie in the day now that she is at school.

If you ask Evie what she wants to be when she is an adult she will tell you emphatically 'a mum'. That's all she wants to do, mother her 'babies', her cousins, babies at the park, in the shops...she is so maternal at 5 years old. I have to bite my tongue so I don't say "is that all"? In my mind I want her to get a degree and travel, my 2 dreams for all the 3 girls but I think that stems from the fact that when I was younger I did neither.

Am I depreciating myself when I think things like that - being a mother isn't enough? Where do those crappy thoughts come from?

In exciting news, Eva brought home sight words yesterday! She refused to read them though because she said they were too hard...I was more excited about practicing than she was. Might need to organise some bribery for this afternoon - if she is going to get into aeronautical engineering at Sydney Uni she is going to need to read damnit!

And I started again...I couldn't even face that other fabric - new fabric, embroidery, bigger pattern and it's perfect! Yay me!


Monique said...

Hi Sophie, We miss seeing Eva's smiling face at Kindy. Hope she is enjoying school. Remi keeps asking me what day she is coming to Kindy. Hope you have a fun year. Best, Monique

Maria Rose said...

Great photos!

Carmen said...

I think it's sweet that she wants to be a Mum. I'm sure it will continue to change as she gets older :)

Duyvken said...

Beautiful! xx

Sally said...

Phew. Sometimes it is just better to start all over again.

Karen said...

She wants to be a mum because she's had a great example of what mum is don't you think!??
The most important job in the world, being a parent.
I find things like that here too - dolls that have to be changed at bedtime into different outfits and strapped into seatbelts in the car if there is a spare seat, it's very sweet.