February 13, 2012

epic fail

They look cute don't they. The problem is they are too cute i.e they are too small!

One of the requirements for both Lucia and Eva this year is an A4 pencil case for their homework/home reader. You could go to KMart and buy for for a few bucks or you could be uber smart/cool/crafty/designer fabrics mum and make one quick as a flash!

I mean how hard can it be? Trace around an A4 piece of paper, give yourself a decent seam allowance, and make a lined pencil case because you have done that dozens of times, no sweat.

In my desire for a snug pencil case I really misjudged how much seam allowance I would need, so much so that BOTH pencil cases are about 1.5cm too small for an A4 piece of paper. It doesn't matter how many times you unpick and resew a seam, or change a zip to Velcro, the lesson here is that you cannot make fabric bigger after it's cut! BUGGER!


BOB & MABEL said...

I have the opposite problem, I always add way too much.
It does look very cute though.

Fran said...

would love to say "it's the thought that counts but obviously that ain't gonna cut it here, is it!!!!

Maybe they can become patchwork home reader cases? Just chop off the seams (don't worry about unpicking) add a couple of inches in a contrasting/complimentary fabric as a border, sew back together and hey presto one A4 sized case........

go on you crafty mamma

Maria Rose said...

Man! They are really cute. Can you find another use for them?

Sally said...

How frustrating!!!